Cleaning Tips And Tricks For Bi Fold Doors Birmingham

Do you have ceiling high bifold doors? Need some ways to clean them more efficiently? Bifolding doors are a great way to easily open up a room and promote an increase in light for added convenience. While bi fold doors Birmingham are a great choice for any home, from time to time they will become dirty and will require a clean to create that brand new look again. The following is a guide on the tips and tricks of cleaning bifolding doors for added convenience.

Bi Fold Door Glass Cleaning Tips

When cleaning the glass of these doors it’s important to use the right cleaning solution to maximize the cleaning efficiency. Some cleaning solutions you can use include:

  • Warm Soapy Water - The soap used in the water should be minimal as it can leave a streaky residue when used.
  • 50/50 Water and Vinegar - This solution is great for helping to remove stains, the only problem is it can leave a slight vinegary smell.
  • Glass Cleaners - Class cleaners are widely available from your local retail outlet and can be a great choice for cleaning bi fold doors.

When using any of these cleaning mixtures it’s important to start at the top of the door and work your way down. Use paper towel or a cloth to help scrub the glass. Always work from the top down to reduce excess water continually running down over your cleaned area. Wipe the excess cleaning mixture away with another dry cloth of paper towel.

Maintaining The Frame

The frame of your bifolding door shouldn’t be ignored either to maintain its overall professional look. For aluminium frames you can easily use water and soap to help remove any additional hand prints or stubborn stains.

Cleaning The Tracks

Cleaning the tracks is easy. All you need to do is first use the vacuum cleaner to suck up any additional dirt which may be in the track. Next use a damp cloth to run along the track to clean out any additional stubborn dirt.


Cleaning your bifolding doors is a great way to maintain their overall look and appearance. By taking your time you can really make your doors come alive. So how is your door clean going?

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